All About Poker Runs

A poker run is a riding or motorcycles event whose main objective is to raise funds for certain charities. Anyone who knows how to ride a motorbike and knows how to play poker is invited.

To be included in the race, you have to have your name registered and counted by an authorized member of the event organization. Once your name is registered, you will be given a score sheet and a direction map you will use during the poker run.

Basically, in each of the 5 points, usually restaurant, you will draw a card which will be recorded on your score page and then ride again to the next poker destination. Just like in a poker game, the person with the highest hand will be declared the winner of the poker run.

The money collected in the event such as the registration fees will be used to raise funds for a noble cause like paying for medical bills or funding cancer research. Even though poker run has good objectives, it is still a form of a gamble. To win the game, you have to be equipped with certain skills.

One of the most common strategies is hitting the jackpot by adding more points in your score by tossing a dart. You also need to be a well-experienced rider so that you can be able to control the speed of your motorbike. For example, you may be told that you need to ride 30 feet within 30 seconds.

If you ride too slowly or you end too early, you will end up losing some of your points. When either of your two feet touched the ground while you were doing this, you will also stop getting points altogether. This is why your riding skills are very important and determine whether you will win or not.

The ride will continue until the riders all reach the final cards and draw their final cards. Score sheets are turned in to the judges who will compare them and decide who ended up with the best hands.

At the destination, there will be food for a fee or at no extra charge as it is included in the registration fees. There will also be live music and a party to celebrate.

Some of the major reasons why most people like poker run is because of the fun of socializing, entertaining ride and picturesque sceneries they see while riding at the back of their bikes. This event is not all about winning the game but to enjoy yourself while raising funds for the betterment of other peopleĆ­s lives.